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A sweet Little Visitor















This little humming bird decided to make a visit just outside the studio door. 

What a joy to watch him flit about!

Bitter Sweet










It feels bitter sweet to be back in the studio again.....a prolonged absence to care for a dear

loved one, who will be dearly missed, kept me away.  Feeling a bit fragile seems to have

squashed some of my creativity and energy. Ideas and thoughts just seem to

fly away trapped by sadness.


Views of beauty in creation certainly lift the spirits, the other morning I was welcomed with

silhouettes in the fog, as well as by a little visitor in the water right in front of the studio,

that brought a smile.

So for me it is a time to reflect, a time to move forward, a time to appreciate all

those around me, and a time to hold on to dear memories and a beautiful hope for the future.


Blooms of the Season


Spring and early summer are the times of year I cannot get enough of the delicate and

beautiful blooms everywhere you look, and the fragrance's that fill the

air are oh so wonderful!


Snipping a bouquet and putting it in a jug on the table can take

a difficut, sad day and brighten it up.....

Enjoy some favorites.

































Spring is Here....

Well it is kind of here….as I fire up the heaters in the studio and stay bundled in my wool sweaters and scarves, I am reminded that spring in Wisconsin, especially along the lakeshore, has its own timetable. But there is hope! Each day the sun shines I can feel its warmth as it moves higher into the sky, and the longer days are so enjoyable, bringing me out of hibernation. This time of year I get so excited about the things to come, new life popping up from the ground, each day the trees and plants start to unfurl, and bring new life to the landscape. I begin to feel more and more creative as things come to life around me…..

So, here I have a couple photos of a coming attraction, the 3 band Necklace. Many of you have enjoyed the ring. My dear friend Suzi would keep telling me, “you need to make this into a necklace…everyone will love it”. Well, of course she was right and I am glad she continued to encourage me to make it. I will post it for sale as soon as I have a couple more made!


So, to all of you enjoy each spring day and thank you for all of your support!










Cross Country Skiing on the Waves

Riding the waves......when they are frozen is quite a treat! With the sun shining the spirits are lifted and the snow looks as though it is sprinkled with diamonds.














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