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Ladies Night Out

I love seeing all your smiling faces! Thanks for coming in to the studio for the

Ladies Night Out Show.












The Birth of a Ring

This Leopard Jasper has been hanging around the studio for some time, finally it came to me what I needed to do with it! With the photos, you can follow the process.
















Winter has Arrived!

As much as I shiver at the thought of the frigid temperatures winter brings upon us, it is amazing to behold the beauty that it touches upon the landscape.

Snowflakes flying and little birds puffing up to keep the cold away.  The trees and ground with their white blanket wrapped around, footsteps crunching and squeaking as you take in the cold beauty...amazing textures come to life.














Warm Ocean Breeze

Oh how sweet vacation is!  The warm ocean breeze and sun are a marvelous thing, along with some rest and relaxation. Nothing inspires like a beautiful sunrise along with the finds of a beachcomber.  Ideas are forming for future crafted treasures.....
















The Last Bloom

This little one has braved the cold and continued to bloom..

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