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Ladies Night Out

Thank you to all of the lovely ladies that stoped into the studio on Ladies Night Out.  You all braved the cold and made it a wonderful evening for all. 











The Critters are Here

The inspiration for these fun earrings are all of those furry little critters that wiggle their way into our hearts.






Winter Shots















Brutal.....that is one word to describe this winter. Those of you in the Midwest and other areas have had the same cold and snow. But, the silver lining is it can be stunningly beautiful as some of these shots show. In the studio it means wrapping up in a heavy wool sweater from Ecuador and plenty of scarves.  Also, there is a bit of fun to be had, an afternoon skiing with my sis and the yummy hot chocolate to follow, that can't be beat.


The Crisp air and beautiful colors of autumn are so amazing, not to mention the harvest of tomatoes and apples and all of the other goodies.  My tomatoes were planted a bit late, but they did not disappoint,they were like adding sweet little candies to my salads. The stewed tomatoes and sauce are always wonderful to open and use in the middle of winter to get the nice fresh

flavor of summer.

Hiking and Kayaking this time of the year, in the northern part of the state, lifts the spirits like nothing else.  It was not hard to linger on the lake this beautiful day.

Enjoy the scenes and happy autumn!

























Beautiful Opals







A friend of mine, Mike, was able to travel to Australia.  While there he visited an opal mine of a

friend in the Lightning Ridge area,  he was even abel to try his hand at a small bit of mining. 

 He purchased a number of stones from the mine owner, and allowed me the privilege of

setting them into some rings.  The one shown is a gorgeous black opal.

Thanks Mike!

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